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   The Energy Club
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Recent Activities

Energy Crash Course

It's a small 10 days course which will cover all the basics of major topics in Energy. The main motive of this course is to spread knowledge to all Energy and Environmental enthusiasts in our country. The only prerequisite to this course is enthusiasm!!

The Why Series

The WHY series is a short Instagram series that asks the most obvious questions with the most mind-bending solutions. It makes you think about the common phenomenon in in surprisingly curious ways.

Energy Webinars

We are conducting various informative webinars related to the energy sector. The speakers are the proffessor of IIT Bombay which have research intrest in Energy Sector.

Energy India Series 

Energy India series focuses on energy facts and data related to India. Each post is based on infographics sequence of data and focused on a single state. The first series will cover data on Rajasthan, New Delhi, Maharasthra, West Bengal, Assam Tamil Nadu, Gujrat. Present only on Insta Page.  

Our Story

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay is home to some of the brightest and most aware technical minds of the country. It is these minds that will carry the country forward into the next century and the energy problem is undoubtedly one of the largest problems they will have to address.
Consequently, there are many students on campus who are highly conscious and concerned about the future of energy and sustainability. However, such students are separated by virtue of belonging to different disciplines and years.

Our Social Circle

We regularly update our social pages with some awesome videos, articles and posters.


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